Over the past few months members of the OSCC have been exploring long exposure photography and the technical challenges it presents for lovers of film. But it produces incredible results and the variety of applications tat our members achieved with it were brilliant.

I personally have been terrified of turning the shutter speed dial past 1/30s let alone to 1” and then onto the illusive “B”. But this is what OSCC is all about, learning and challenging each other to become better and more knowledgeable photographers and keep the analogue movement going.

The brief was simple, shots had to be 1” or above and just go out and give it a go. That was it. This gave us an opportunity to go out and learn for ourselves and in Septembers meeting we went through what went well and what didn’t. We all had a variety of results, some great shots and some not so but it generated a great amount of discussion and learning. A brief presentation followed from Ash which went through what he believes to be essential knowledge, equipment and calculations for long exposure photography, everything from reciprocity to metering and shutter releases. We each received a “cheat sheet” to take away with us and off we went again armed with our new knowledge and experience.

In Octobers meeting we once again met up and discussed our months progress, we had some great images from our group with some lond exposure shots taken over a MONTH! Keeping with the long exposure theme we planned to move into pinhole cameras and in the meeting Will took us through a presentation he had put together about Pinhole cameras. It covered everything from "What is a camera?" to the history of cameras starting with Camera OIbscuras and then moving into pinhole construction and theory. All the members were brimming with ideas for pinhole cameras ranging from converted Polaroids, 4x5 pinholes to Bisto pots and constructing cardboard SLR style pinholes from scratch. 

Novembers meeting will be based around the pinholes we have constructed, troubleshooting and any issue we have had, and showing off any photos we have managed to take. 

Our Xmas meeting will be a full day of shooting our constructed Pinhole cameras with paper negatives and developing them on site along with a Christmas buffet and drinks.

I would encourage prospective members to come along to any of meetings and join in.

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