Film test - Envoy Wide Angle Camera

July 19, 2018

We are always trying out different cameras each week as they come through the shop and film testing them is the fun part of the job.

The Envoy Wide Angle camera is associated with Ilford but not badged as an Ilford camera. It was marketed by them during the 1950's and made by Photo Developments Ltd. 

The camera was loaded with some Ilford HP5, 120 film and taken around the Barbican and Hoe. Looking through the wire viewfinder it is a bit of a guess as to how much is actually in the photo, but great fun to use. 

The metal bodied box camera takes eight 6x9cm images. The viewfinder is the wire pop up at the front of the camera, with a sports finder that also pops up. The lens is a f6.5 Taylor, Taylor, Hobson with a 64mm focal length, with four f-stops from f11 to f32. Along with being able to use 120 or 620 film through the camera you can also use the plate holder. 

The camera produced reasonable results with a little bit of a light leak on some of the photos. 

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