Film test - Kosmo

June 29, 2018

Kosmo 100

As we stock numerous types of films, some of our customers have been asking what sort of results they can expect to get when they shoot a particular film. Ashley has been out to show what a roll of Kosmo can do...

Russell asked me to test a roll of film he was considering stocking. Kosmo 100 is, repackaged Fomapan 100 so if you have used that you know already! It is levelled at the midrange budget market and prices vary a bit but it is a little cheaper than say Delta or FP4+. Normally I would meter with my hand held meter, test and speed rate the film to my liking. However I considered the average 35mm film shooter would dial in box speed and use the cameras inbuilt meter so that is the path I followed. I chose my trusty Pentax Me Super with a stock 50mm – 1.7 lens, hood, yellow and orange filter. I shot it in various conditions over a couple of days including the Old School Camera Club walk and a family day trip. I did all the usual faffy stuff to get a bit of shadow detail, cloud detail etc.

Once the roll was run I developed in Ilford DD-X ratio 1:6, I followed the fomapan times reducing it by 10% as I would normally for 35mm film.

Results for me are average, not bad! Not great either… Contrast is high which for me isn’t ideal. Shadow detail was low and highlights were a little harsh which also isn’t my bag, this is though my personal taste. Would I use it again? Maybe, I would like to try it rated a little lower El 50/80 and meter in my preferred way. For a budget film there is little to complain about.

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