The Box Brownie film

November 15, 2018

The Box Brownie with an unknown roll of film.

A lady called into the shop and asked if i would be interested in buying some cameras that her dad had owned. While i was going through the cameras with her i found the Kodak Brownie still had a roll of film in it. I removed the film and passed it to Ashley and asked him if he would process it for me. Neither of us expected to get very much from it.

A few days later Ashley arrives at the shop with a smile (this is very unusual for him). He had processed the film and got pictures from it. He had done a bit of research and dated the photos to 1964. The two record albums being held up in one of the photos were released that year.

The lady returned to the shop a couple of weeks later to see if we had managed to get anything from the roll of film. I turned the computer around for her to see and opened the folder of photos. It was great to see her reaction when she saw the photos. Thats my nan, thats me and my sister, were the words. She was quite emotional and tearful as she looked through the photos.

This is one of the best bits about running the shop, when you find family photos that no one has seen for over fifty years. 

I hope she enjoys sharing these photos with her sister and the rest of her family.

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