Workshop photos - January 2018

Our first vintage camera photography workshop of 2018 started with a wet Sunday, so we split the workshop into two sessions.

The first session included a little bit of camera history looking at the different types folding cameras in the shop. We then went through setting the shutter speeds, apertures and distance focusing. Next we practiced loading and rewinding a few dummy rolls of film. The next part was spent learning about using a vintage light meter and using a rangefinder to help with distances. With lots of notes taken we were ready for the next dry Sunday to get out shooting the folding cameras.

The following Sunday was dry but a bit overcast. They loaded their cameras with Ilford HP5 and off we went around Plymouths historic Barbican. You don't have to walk far from the shop to get some great photo opportunities. The first photos were of the 'scooter boys' who were intrigued with people using 1940's and 1950's cameras. A few photos later and then it was time to try focusing on 'the chain'. Lots of notes were being taken with each photo, but i heard the words 'Did i wind the film on?' A couple of double exposures were taken, but thats part of the learning process.

As they had never used a folding camera before i think they took a great set of photos. The cameras used were a Voigtlander Bessa, an Ensign Selfix 820 and Zeiss Ikon Ercona. 

It was nice to receive some feedback...Awesome photo walk today on the Barbican for the vintage camera workshop by Russell at Soperfect Images.

We have lots more workshops planned for 2018. Please contact us to book your place or buy a gift voucher.

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