Week Five

December 5, 2016

The Canon FP

Week 5 was a weird week. Plymouth saw frost, mist, haze and awful light. Having picked up the camera a day early I did a little research. Released in 1964 (the year of my birth) so expected it to still be as fit as a fiddle! I read it was basically a stripped down version of the FX with the main difference, no on board light meter, however this came with a clip on light meter built for those wanting a light meter!?!? Odd but still, if I had the option back then I would have plumped for the FP + meter as it looks cooler. I measured it up against other 35mm full manual cameras on Russell??s shelf (Pentax K1000 etc) and they are much of a muchness, personal taste would be a deciding factor I think. Anyway, after some fettling I decided not to use the meter and to go with my hand-held as that was its very purpose.

Roll 1, Agfa vista 200, a cheap test roll to get its mark. Initially I thought I had made a mistake, I had kind of hinted I wanted something of this ilk but first impression was “bugger, I already know this”, my first love being my Pentax Me Super, a camera pretty similar so this was not meeting the purpose of testing myself against the camera! Still I soldiered on in not very inspiring conditions. After a while I got into the groove and started to click away with controlled abandon. I do like the comforting sound of mirror slap, the swish of the faster shutter and the smooth ratchet of the advance lever ….right up until the last few frames where it got a little testy? Hmmm, once developed, I first decided it was time for some fresh Chems! Also there were a few half frames and the last few had a little overlap.

Roll 2, Ilford Delta 400 pro (which I accidently on purpose pulled to 200!) As soon as I popped in the BW I felt more into it. Revelling in the street walks snapping away, I was enjoying it. As the roll came to an end the repeat of the first roll reappeared, I think it??s nothing serious, just a sticky curtain which a good clean will rectify.

In conclusion it??s a good sharp 35mm camera that gives you everything a full manual 35mm can. I imagine preference for maker and aesthetic appearance would be really the only difference from its counterparts. Me, personally? I will stick with my little Pentax. Russell! Stop me making easy option choices in future please!

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