Week One

November 7, 2016

Week One: Rolleiflex T 

The untrained eye!

Before I start rambling on I guess some are wondering "why not just CLA them, and stick them in the window?" Well, simple! There's no fun in that!!!  

So, I arrive at Soperfect Images and Russell smiles, then hands me the Rollieflex. Why smile? Just a few weeks earlier I had mmm'd and aaaah'd in that same place over the Rollei and a Yashica Mat 124g. I picked the yashi and now he was testing me, he has a playful streak this man.

I might as well hold my hand up now, I have a bit of a soft spot for TLR,s and the 6x6 frame, even if trying to find the horizon leaves me robot dancing in public places!

I ran 3 rolls over the week – I had planned 2 but completely cocked up the first (did I mention I was a novice?) so that one doesn't count! The first proper roll, a slightly expired Velvia 50 went well. Focus with the fitted split screen was a doddle (note for wifely, they do them for mine! Christmas?) but the old cranky handle seamed stiff. Noted down, needs attention. Ran the roll using the on board light meter and post development proved it about a stop over but if calibration doesn't fix it then it could be allowed for in future use, not a huge problem as there's always hand held meters.  I found the EV scale on the side a pain having to keep tipping it sideways (something you'd get used too) but once done really useful for depth of field decisions.

Roll 2 (3) a BW Fp4+ started well but from there it went south! Cranky handle not the issue! Missed frames and advancing became a full work out, just 5 frames and all scratched quite badly, but nicely exposed (I used a hand held meter for this one) so a premature end to the day. Summed up, an easy start to our project, I prefer the Yashica, just! There isn't much in it and I am a little bias. Once fixed, and it will be! I hope it gets a loving home.

A little post note, twice over the week I was stopped and asked " ooo is that Yashica?" I found myself miffed by this, why I don't know......I chose right didn't I?

Click on the photo to see some of the photos taken with this camera

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