Week Twenty Five

April 24, 2017

Week 25 – R.B. Graflex series b

Week 25 – Kodak 2a Hawkette

WEEK TWENTY FIVE!!! –Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta!

Yes, yes! You get the drift! Please read on.  For some time, well almost since the beginning, Russell has been trying to get me to shoot the horrible Kodak as he thinks it is great. I however do not. Then 2 weeks ago he bought in a Graflex and it really caught my eye so after some pestering we shook hands on a deal – I would shoot the Graflex for week 25 on the understanding I would have to shoot the Kodak thing for 26!

I took the large box home, I will not go into any detail as it will become clear as we go on but I read, studied and learned, liaised with Erik Gould who has expertise in the camera and went for a dry run … nothing! Fiddled twiddled and finally took the back plate off, the cloth shutter had broken! I was gutted! 3am I finally gave up any hope of rescue. I awoke in the morning and trudged to Russells to pass on the bad news. Now whether it was the fuzzy head from lack of sleep I don't know but in that 30 minute walk I decided I would not quit, I would not be beaten and formulated a plan to run a rebuild as a side project where if successful I would shoot it on week 52. You will find this on Soperfect images home page where this is… the bad news was I now HAD to shoot the Kodak L

I got to Russells and explained, he sniggered and dragged the glossy fake wood looking plastic monstrosity from the shelf. We were already on Wednesday and not a frame shot so I immediately loaded one of the expired Delta 100s and set off …STOP! [Cuts to chase]  when I developed the roll every frame was black on the negs so positive white, in my hurry and drowsy state I made the school boy error of not checking it over properly, the bellows were shot and leaking light like colander.

We are now at Thursday and no camera and no pictures, I am drained and very miffed! Back to the shop where a line of Zeiss folders had just come in, Russell passed me the pick of the bunch, I took it home, checked it and loaded it with expired Portra 160vc colour.

The Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta – I have done a couple of Zeiss folders now but this is more advanced. Tessar lens – light meter that gives you your combinations, 120 type 6x6 frames that auto stop when advanced etc. Google it if you want the jargon but it looks and feels quality – its been a LONG week! I shot the Porta using the camera meter rapidly around the harbour trying to see things in colour and got it in the developer asap. I scanned it in the early morning, they were ok with some colour shift but the heavy beast had done ok. All the knobs and twiddly bits were in good positions where you could work with comfort and not have to be searching too much for things. The centre spot in the viewer for the rangefinder was small but bright and clear. The next shoot day was Sunday, today! I loaded one of the expired Delta 100s that have done well before and set off early with the tribe as my 2 youngest were part of the junior half marathon. We were only there three hours but I tried my hand at some sports photography – man that is hard, especially with a bulky rangefinder. I have just looked at the scans and to be honest they suck, the film either rubbed on a stiff roller or this one film is just not at its best. My panning of moving targets while trying to be in focus was rubbish really while my hurried exposer settings were riddled with errors…speed is not my forte! Over all, the camera is good and does everything it should but just isn't my bag, the extra size and weight with the meter system makes it clumsy for what is reported to have 35mm qualities. The focus wheel and shutter/aperture rings are too easily accidently moved if you aren't careful. I wish to draw a thick line under this week, get some rest and smash next week… Please do look in on the Graflex, it should be interesting.

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