Week Twenty Six

May 5, 2017

Week 26. Wow the half way mark. To celebrate the occasion and to give me an antidote to last weeks pressure pot i have been entrusted with a cardboard box. The Coronet No2. What do you get? A cardboard box with a lid on the front held with two clips, not opposite each other but on the left side on top. Two bright prism finders on the same side for landscape and portrait. On the top is a handle and a pull out bar for timed shutter. Back to the left side and there is a knob and taking switch. On the front is a hole containing a Meniscus lens with a single f14 aperture a simple shutter of 1/25th only, below it is a switch to swing the 3 foot only focus portrait lens into place. Other than the 120 spool holder and a little red window in the back to count your 8, 6x9 frames that is your lot.

Roll 1 Ilford FP4. I loaded straight away. I had no expectations other than probable light leaks and unbalanced exposures, the f14, 1/25th were approximates with little info on the web. I cobbled a set of filter glass and a holder, yellow, orange, strong orange, green, and a hood held on with rubber bands. I was not looking to create any particular look with the filters, that would be a bonus, they were there to give stops shifting the aperture tighter and i planned to multiple exposure as well for the too dark situations.  Using the spot meter, i metered as normal and went with an aperture matching up with 1/25th, then use the filters to pull it back to f14. I wandered the usual haunts of the Barbican where the tall ship trainer was in dock and slowly worked the exposures. For some idea as to what i used, the shot of the men working on the ship was a straight f14, 1/25th while the Lido pool and fountain was a strong orange x2 exposure. The marker stone a straight x3 exposure. I saved one frame and attempted  long exposure portrait of a determined five seconds that would have been good except i forgot the portrait lens and got nowhere near allowing the parallax error. Other then that and the obvious mismatch of hood i was really pleased.

Roll 2, another FP4. I changed the hood and lost the filter holder just sliding the glass in behind. I did pretty much the same as the first roll but with some good cloud cover i tried a more adventurous approach attempting to utilise the filters to their best, double exposing with the orange on the ship, green on the cafe. I repeated my portrait attempt remembering the close up lens and measuring the required three feet, much better.Still a bit of parallax correction wise but closer. BTW, if you are wondering why the girls are looking off into the distance it is because they kept getting the giggles. Not great for a three to five second exposure. 30 minutes for those two frames, lol. A few light leaks crept in with a bit of fogging on a few, the lid just is not tight enough and being paper covered cardboard, tape was not an option, so i can live with the otherwise pleasing results.

Did i like it? Damn, yes, capital YES. It is simple and basic yet with a little thought you can get creative and push some boundaries. The lens is reasonable the middle getting much softer as you get to the edge giving a tilt shift effect. I was glad of the slowness too, something that is increasingly where i want to be. If it were mine i would strip of f the felt around the inner lid to easily fix that leak. I would also concentrate more on central points of interest to ultilise the centre sharpness that is wasted on attempted landscapes. I had lots of fun, i really did.

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