Week One revisited

January 23, 2017

Rolleiflex T1 take 2!

Week 1 revisited

All the way back to week 1 we go, it had been a disappointment to say the least! I had fought a sickly classic with advance issues. Its now back from repair and all is well so I took it out for a spin or two to put down some pics to salvage some pride for it and myself. Using my new spot meter and implementing my beginners lessons in “the zone system” I found the EV system that bugged me first time around now useful tool. So, I ran a Delta 3200 rated at 1600 through first as it was the most expendable to me, it mostly came out ok with reasonable exposure but I didn't really quite get it right and I don't much like the grain. Later in the week while taking a day off from week 12s Ernemann I ran a HP5 I had half a roll of which I was much happier with. Anyway its all better so hope you enjoy the pictures!

Click on the camera to see the photos 

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