Week Thirty Seven, Wirgin Edixa Reflex

July 21, 2017

Week 37 – The Wirgin Edixa Reflex

I think Russell must have read my mind, in recent weeks I had felt a little flat with the direction the challenge was taking, I wanted to push my own skills forward while experiencing some great fun cameras, which was lacking recently in the skills. I think I got that this week with the Edixa. A late 1950s German SLR, built like a tank and similarly weighted this angular black and silver chunk of metal felt trustworthy. Along with the standard Cassar f2.8 50mm lens I got a set of m42 extension tubes, a Sunagor 70-200mm zoom with both eye line prism and waistline view finders. My trusty tripod, a yellow filter and hood with a roll of HP5+ and Kodak 200 I was set!

The HP5 was loaded immediately and I worked a few frames on the way home. The advance sounded sweet and the trigger button on the front felt right with a really useful sliding locking switch alongside. The following day I had a few free hours to play so packed up the whole lot and visited Mutton Cove one of my favoured haunts when I want to concentrate. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot! I have played with extension tubes a bit on digital but with film it was new, I didn’t get drawn into stacking all of them trying to see my reflection in a fly’s eye, instead I sampled the shorter ones keeping it sensible. Zoomy stuff is kind of new to me too, I don’t own one. I shot one at frame with the 50 on the tripod then screwed the fully extended 200 on a repeated the shot. I know which I prefer, see what you think? Like the tubes it isn’t necessary to whack on 200mm all the time I found it useful at the lower distances too.  All in all a very satisfying shoot, nice solid results with just about ½ a stop over exposure probably due to a little curtain lag on the focal plane shutter.

I loaded the Kodak for the weekend with the intension of underexposing to compensate for the lag. I got that bit right, but that was about all! I did everything, macro, zoom, street you name I tried it! I just couldn’t visualise the images. I swapped viewers to try seeing differently but nothing, I ended up stopping on 21 and winding it off…

So, I liked the camera! Loved playing with the accessories! And while the black and white was in I felt in control, working DoF, the composures and planning how I would process it for my taste, as soon as I put in the colour it just fell apart. I was actually compelled to write a page of drivel that might have made it out before this, just a few paragraphs on how I intend to finish of the remaining weeks.

Hope you enjoy the pics, I like quite a few, and even one or two of the colour…Cheers!

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